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Yoga Classes in Dorchester
(Above: Part of a Yoga for Backs Workshop)

Yoga is a generic word (such as health, fitness) and means UNION. It is often interpreted as the union of mind, body and soul, and can provide perfect harmony and balance. It is often suggested that Yoga originated in India circa 2000 BCE. There is no competition in Yoga. Each person should listen to their own body and never strain (serious injury can be the result of a competitive attitude).

Yoga with Katy involves:

  • Stretching (Asanas)
  • Synchronised breathing
  • Postural awareness
  • Deep relaxation/meditation

Stretching the spine and Asanas create strength and suppleness. Deep, full breathing helps to calm the mind and emotions. Relaxation and meditation reduce stress and create a
greater sense of awareness.

Katy is a member of The British Wheel of Yoga.
Katy teaches Hatha Yoga which is a form of Raja Yoga.
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It is advisable not to take any food one or two hours before Yoga sessions, depending on the amount eaten and the time of day. Food generally digests more easily in the morning.

Loose, comfortable clothing is advisable, with no belts or other restrictive items (jeans, for example, are most uncomfortable). Bulky jewellery, watches and tight hair fittings are best removed.

At times Katy may find it necessary to give students gentle hands on adjustment. If you do not wish to have your Yoga postures adjusted please let Katy know in advance.

You also need to advise Katy if there is any change to your health e.g., accident, injury, surgery etc. Women should avoid abdominal exercises, abdominal compression and inverted postures during menstruation or pregnancy.

It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water to drink. The practice of Yoga releases toxins from the body and drinking water can greatly help the process.

Yoga, well practiced, cures sometimes, relieves often, relaxes always.

Katy currently offers Monthly Yoga for Back Care Classes, and One2One or One2Two Yoga for Back Care - all suitable for beginners.

"After practicing Yoga with Katy, I noticed a change in my breathing for the better,
my back felt stronger and I am able to sleep more soundly."

Vicky Clarke, Portland

If your back does not improve after 3 sessions of Yoga for Backs,
your fees will be refunded in full (to include follow up home practice).

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Gift Vouchers are available for Acupressure, Shiatsu, Yoga and Voice Dialogue Counselling - sessions may be mixed and matched as requested. Available to buy online.
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Katy Murrell received the Shiatsu International Certificate in 1998
Katy Murrell received the Academy of On-Site Massage Certificate in 1997
 Katy Murrell received the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Certificate in 1993
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