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Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu Treatments in Dorchester
(Above: Katy giving a Shiatsu treatment)
Originally from Japan, Shiatsu is a natural healing discipline; deriving from the same ancient oriental principals as Acupuncture. In the East, it is understood that symptoms of ill health are preceded by an imbalance within the energy pathways or lines, known as 'meridians'. Shiatsu works by stimulating the body's vital energy flow (known as Ki in Japanese) in order to promote good health. The Shiatsu Practitioner uses hands, thumbs, fingers, and even sometimes feet to apply pressure and stretching to the 'meridians'.

Physically, Shiatsu has the effect of stimulating the circulation, the hormone system and the flow of lymphatic fluid, working on both divisions of the autonomic nervous system; helping to release toxins and deep seated tension from the muscles etc.

On a more subtle level Shiatsu allows the receiver to relax deeply and get in touch with their own healing abilities. Shiatsu massage works like acupuncture but without the needles so is a pain free treatment and can last between one and one and a half hours. Relax onto a supportive futon and be perfectly pampered!

Shiatsu affects all levels of being, the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.
Treatment is attuned to the individual's personal development of total health and well-being. The practitioner may give advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle, encouraging self-understanding and greater independence in health matters. This in turn leads to improved self-confidence and lasting peace of mind for the client.

Katy's clients generally report a sense of wholeness and a calm state of mind following treatment. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

"Katy has given me many Shiatsu treatments and each one has been
wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing. It's more than a massage."

Susan Dance, Wimborne

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Katy Murrell received the Shiatsu International Certificate in 1998
Katy Murrell received the Academy of On-Site Massage Certificate in 1997
 Katy Murrell received the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Certificate in 1993
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